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by Mark Guthrie

A guide comes in many forms. It can be a person guiding you through a foreign city or on a safari. It can be a road sign, pointing you in the direction you should go. It can be the North Star, showing you which way is north. And if you’re setting out on a landscape installation or rehabilitation project, our new Landscape Plan Review Requirements: User’s Guide can help you navigate the process.

For those unfamiliar with Marin Municipal Water District’s (MMWD) code, the section of the code related to water conservation (Title 13) includes landscape plan review requirements. To help protect our limited water supply, a homeowner or landscape professional is required to submit plans to MMWD demonstrating that their project meets certain water efficiency standards. The User’s Guide will guide you as you design your project to ensure it is in compliance with the code.

Let’s go through a simple example. Let’s say you want to know if your project is exempt from the code. You open the User’s Guide, turn to the table of contents, and immediately find a section dedicated to compliance and exemption requirements. On page 9 you find the answer to your question which includes the code number, the actual language of the code, the intent of the code, and any notes that may help clarify the code. The guide also includes contact numbers, workflows, and an appendix of forms, tables, and definitions.

The User’s Guide will be continually updated with new information, so check back often. Crack open the User’s Guide today to see how it can help guide you with your next landscape project!

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